We have been breaking new ground for over 30 years now. Our passion for the mountains, skiing and snowboarding has always been our drive to consistantly improve and to keep crossing borders. Go beyond is not just an advertising slogan for us, it is deeply rooted in our history and has become a philosophy of life, both in nature and in our daily activities: the development of unique products. INDIGO - an idea created by two friends has become a brand, whose products go beyond
boundaries in all areas. Go beyond.

Today, we are proud to present our latest development in the field of snowsports helmets. All of our experience, our heart and soul and our innovative strength are invested in this product. It would not have been possible without partnerships, from which friendships have grown over the years. High-tech from all areas combined with craftsmanship and our demand for quality and design. Contemporary and sustainable.

The new INDIGO Snowsports helmet is a milestone in our work, which began in a small
workshop in 1988. We have set ourselves the target to create the safest, most functional and most beautiful ski helmet with the best fit ever. Here it is.
Be curious and stay protected,