RZ by Rebecca Z

RZ was born from a love of skiing and the idea that ski wear can have a boldly feminine style with great fit, without comprising technical protection.

RZ by Rebecca Z is a brand new luxury sportswear label launching with a line of high-quality, well fitted, luxury jumpsuits for female skiers who seek protection from the elements while elegantly expressing their confidence on the slopes.

Having fallen in love with skiing on the slopes of Japan, Europe, & North America, the brand’s founder Rebecca Zhu searched across the globe for a jumpsuit that not only looked good and fit well but afforded proper protection. She found products that were eye-catching but lacking in quality finish and oftentimes too wide. Others with better fit were made with inferior materials that did little to protect from the elements – especially wind chill which can be brutal in higher altitudes. Still others were functional with quality construction but out of touch with the tastes of modern women especially those from Asia.

Oxford-educated with a degree in financial economics, Rebecca recognized an opportunity in the market. She set forth to create the perfect ski suit for the modern woman. Elegant and playful while also resilient to the worst of winter elements.