Deconstructing LOTS OF POWDER Ski Goggles

Designed and tested in Japan.

Born in the winter mecca, the LOTS OF POWDER ski goggles are built for peak performance, safety, and style.


Built with performance as the main focus, our goggles feature extreme sport-standard characteristics. Made in Italy, our lens are dual-layered with anti-scratch Perma-Shield® coating, blocks 100% of UVA/B/C rays for unparalleled sun protection, and uses nanotechnology for extreme fog resistance.


While our main priority when designing the goggles were functionality, aesthetic design was something we made sure not to overlook. The rimless design of the lenses lends a snazzy silhouette while maximizing the wearer's field of view for complete peripheral and downward vision.


The LOTS OF POWDER goggles are constructed with lightweight triple-layered soft foam attached tightly on the frame, ensuring a warm windproof fit and fog-free ventilation. Adjustable ultra-wide straps with non-slip silicone strips complete the package, cinching durability and ease together in one.

During the prototype stage, our Japanese designers cumulatively agreed upon a distinctive gap in the ski goggle market - there weren't enough Asian fit ones. Thus, we made our ski goggles with Asian features in mind, guaranteed to fit the wearer's face like a glove. 

Left, Purple. Right, Red. JPY 18,000.
Left, Silver. Right, Black. JPY 15,000 
The LOTS OF POWDER ski goggles make switchable lenses easier and more seamless than they've ever been. Our upgraded lenses are magnetic, let you remove your original lenses and snap the new ones in place within seconds.

On the final stages of our goggle design, we worked with many professional ski and snowboard instructors whom gave plenty of instructive feedback to improve on, with an emphasis on comfort. The LOTS OF POWDER goggles are fitted with plush yet sturdy triple layer foam, designed to ensure proper ventilation while keeping heat in.

Left, Photochromic Lens. Right, Yellow Lens

What are Photochromic Lens?

In the mountains, the weather changes frequently and it can be a bit of a hassle to carry around multiple lens at all times. You’re at an elevation where the brightness is amplified, increasing the damaging effects on your eyes. In both snowy and sunny conditions, photochromic lenses adjust to light automatically, providing an effortless, real solution to eye protection and visibility to keep you safe on the mountain.

When do I use Yellow Lens?

Yellow ski goggle lenses are optimal for snowy days, as the lens tint sharpens vision while filtering out the snow's blue-hued brightness. Yellow-colored goggle lens are designed to filter out blue light, which makes it a good fit for especially sunny days as well. For night skiiers, yellow lens help sharpen run lights and make for more comfortable vision when looking at the lights.

How do I take care of my lens?

Goggles are a worthwhile investment, and caring for them will assure optimal performance and longevity.

  • When in use, only clean the lenses with the bag the goggles are sold with. This is a special fabric designed to do this job. Tissues, cotton, sleeves, etc are highly abrasive and will scratch the lens.
  • Only clean the lens when it is dry. If you stack it and the goggle fills with snow, let the goggle dry out thoroughly before cleaning.
  • When resting, do not put the goggles down on the lenses. Avoid wearing goggles on your head (like sunglasses). Your head pumps out a huge amount of heat, and if you have your goggles on your head, they will catch the steam and fog. Whilst goggles should remain fog-free through the venting and double lenses, this will aggravate it enormously!
Happy adventuring and keep safe!